Best Practices Partnership: Application

Best Practices Partnership Application

You can return and submit application materials to the Best Practices Partnership Application multiple times. However, you will not be able to save your submission and return later to complete it. We recommend reviewing the information on the Best Practices Partnership webpage, gathering needed documents and then returning to complete this form. Again, you may submit the form multiple times as you have items ready (for example, sharing logo, uploading a document now and following up later with additional materials).

Each time you return to submit materials online, be certain to include the organization name with each submission. It is not necessary to submit your organization's complete contact information each time you return to submit your application materials.

Remember, you can return to this form as often as you would like to submit the required materials as you gather them. Should you need assistance,

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Organization Information


To participate in Kentucky Nonprofit Network's Best Practices Partnership it is necessary for organizations to be an active member of KNN. Visit KNN's membership page for more information about becoming a member of the state association of nonprofit organizations. You may also visit our nonprofit member directory to see a list of active members.

Current KNN Member
Plan to join KNN
Unsure if we are a member of KNN
Tax Related Questions and Compliance

Appropriate annual informational return filled with the IRS (check which form your organization files).

Form 990
Form 990-EZ
Form 990-N (postcard)

Are the last three (3) returns publicly available (on your website, on, etc.)?

In process

Please provide a link(s) to the visible location of your organization's IRS 990 returns located on your website,, etc.

If raising funds to support your mission, is your organization's annual fundraising registration current with the Consumer Protection Division of the Kentucky Office of the Attorney General? Click here to look for your organization's name on the Office of the Attorney General's website. Once you see your organization on the list, take a screen shot of what is displayed on your computer screen (you may need to convert this picture image to a .pdf file).

You will need to upload a .pdf of the screen shot image at the end of this application to confirm your registration. If your fundraising registration is in process or you were unaware of this legal requirement, please check in process for this portion of the application. Should you have questions, we are able to assist you.

Yes, our organization is current with the AG's office and our organization's name is visible on the website.
Not Applicable - our organization is not engaged in fundraising or is a religious organization exempt from registration.
In process.

Each state has different laws regarding fundraising registration. If your organization is actively raising funds in other states, you may be legally required to register. Click here to learn more about fundraising registration in other states.

Yes, our organization is registered to raise funds in other states or is not raising funds in states requiring registration.
Not applicable - our organization is not raising funds in other states or not raising funds in states requiring registration.
Materials Upload
Please upload .pdf documents to complete this section of the Best Practices Partnership Application.

Please upload a .pdf document copy of your organization's 501c3 Determination Letter (submitted once at initial application).

20MB max

If your organization's 501(c)3 letter is pending - please submit a brief statement of explanation (.pdf format required).

20MB max

Please upload a .pdf document|screenshot showing your organization's fundraising compliance. You will need to locate your organization from this list on the Kentucky Office of the Attorney General's website

20MB max

Please upload a .pdf document copy of a resolution from the board of directors stating commitment to utilize the Kentucky Nonprofit Network Principles & Practices tools to enhance organizational effectiveness.

Click here to download a sample board resolution.

20MB max

Please tell us how your organization plans to utilize or is utilzing the Kentucky Nonprofit Network Principles & Practices Tools.

Please attach your organization's logo.

20MB max