Webinar Recording: The 2020 Census - Why Nonprofits Should Care & What You Can Do

August 1, 2030


Webinar Recording: The 2020 Census - Why Nonprofits Should Care & What You Can Do


The 2020 Census is less than one year away and the stakes are high.  In fact, over $800 billion is up for grabs and Kentucky stands to lose $2021 per year for EACH undercounted person.  A complete, accurate count is critical to Kentucky’s future - funding for schools; child care, medicare and housing programs; and infrastructure funds for roads and bridges are just some of the dollars allocated based on 2020 Census results.

Nonprofits are in a unique position to help ensure a fair and accurate count.  KNN and representatives from the U.S. Census Bureau share the basics of the 2020 Census, the challenges we face in ensuring a fair and accurate count and the resources KNN has to assist your nonprofit in engaging in Kentucky's effort to secure it's fair share.



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